Biodegradable wrapper

biodegradable wrapper HEADER


Recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, bio based; all different features with their own process but yet so the same.  All of these features are becoming more and more popular these days. We also clearly noticed this with our customers. More often we are asked whether the cookies can also be packaged in an environmentally friendly way.  That’s why we delve deeper into the matter and listed the differences for you:

Recycling: the re-use of materials. Not to be confused with reuse in which the entire product or parts are used.
Compostable: this means that at least 90% of the material can be broken down within 6 weeks in an industrial composting installation.
Biodegradable: when fungi and bacteria can biodegrade the material. How long it takes for something to break down depends on the circumstances and the time.
Bio based: Bio based means that a material is made from the residual flows of renewable, natural resources.
Looking at the differences, a biodegradable wrapper offers the best option for us.
That’s why we started a first trial. Unfortunately the wrapper turned out to be way too stiff to be processed in our machine smoothly. Also the sealing was difficult, as we didn’t get the correct temperature to seal the foil well without burning it. But, we did not let go that quickly and began to develop further. With success! Our foil supplier had developed a base that was both biodegradable and flexible enough for our machine. The foil was easy to seal and also the print on it came out perfectly!

The effects of this film must now be viewed in the long-term. We will need to test the effect with crunchiness, taste, colour and smell. We will keep you informed of these developments. But,  so far so good…

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