Fortune Cookies

Traditionally the fortune cookies with words of wisdom were served after dinner at a Chinese restaurant.  Now the cookies are getting more and more popular in Europe. They can be used for commercial or marketing purposes, with personalized text ( up to 125 characters ) of course, in a lottery or even as a promotional gift.

Next to the customized phrases, it’s also possible to brand the Fortune Cookies with a unique wrapper, tin, a cardboard box, display, the list goes on and on.

Personalized fortune cookies for all causes

Personalized fortune cookies can be used in various ways. More than once we see that they are used in the promotional business. They are ideal for supporting campaigns. Because the packaging of an individual cookie can be personalized. The same applies to the text in the cookie. A branded cookie with a message. Besides the promotion business, we often see our fortune cookies at events. Trade fairs or open days with a commercial approach, or events at the office.

Bulk fortune cookies: easily ordered & quick shipping

We deliver custom cookies from minimum numbers. This number depends on the type of cookie. You can order our fortune cookies from 300 pieces. de We deliver the fortune cookies completely to measure. All with its own foil and self-made texts in the biscuit. But we can also supply bulk orders very well. Larger numbers of course offer the opportunity for an even lower price. Contact us and discover the possibilities.

Why choose our Fortune Cookies?

  1. Cheap. Ever seen anything that has the same impact at less cost?
  2. Direct communication. Everyone is eager to see the hidden message.
  3. Fun / Generous / Sociable . Everybody deserves some luck, smiles guaranteed with fortune cookies!
  4. Actionable / Action-oriented. Invite someone, grant a discount or raffle a prize.
  5. Multifunctional. For website promotion, marketing purposes, promotional gift or even a giveaway for an event