Cakes & Pie

Want to order small or large quantities of Cakes and Pies? We deliver a wide range of Cakes and Pies all over the world and we can even add a personal packaging to our high quality and tasty products.

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Cakes and Pie with personal packaging

At WorldofCookies you can choose from a wide variety of Cakes and Pies. Choose for a specific flavour, serving size or packaging option. Our Cakes and Pies have one thing in common, all of the products can be personalised, with a logo or even an entirely original design.
The design you would like on the packaging of the Cake or Pie is totally up to you. Create an original design yourself or let our specialised graphics department step in. They are trained in creating beautiful designs that match your wishes!

Cakes and Pies all over the World

We are the supplier of Cakes and Pies, we are able to deliver our goods to (almost) the entire world. So it does not matter where you are from, we can deliver Cakes and Pies with a personal touch to you!
Need a large number of Cakes or Pies? Or just a small number? We can arrange this as well. We can deliver in small or large quantities. We bake our Cakes and Pies right before shipping, this way we can guarantee they keep their taste, feel, smell and quality!