Chocolate Cookies

Order Chocolade Cookies online, in small numbers or in bulk. Our Chocolate Cookies can be personalised, add a logo or an entirely own design to the packaging. The Cookies are always fresh and shipped quickly all-over the world.

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Chocolate Cookies with a personal touch

Organising an event or looking for a small giveaway to support your promotional campaign? Chocolate cookies can be of great value to you. These customised cookies are very attractive, because they are very tasty and when they are packed in a personal wrapper, box or tin they get another amazing quality. When the packaging is personal every recipient of the Chocolate Cookie is going to see your logo and personal design, this will strengthen the positive connection with your brand!

Quick shipping in large or small quantities

Our Chocolate Cookies can be ordered in small numbers up from 300, but you can also order in the thousands! The Cookies are baked right before shipping so we can guarantee they remain fresh and delicious.

We will, after baking the cookies, pack them in the wrappers, boxes or tins and ship them as quick as possibly to destination. We are able to ship our high quality products with personalisation all-over the world in a very short timeframe.