Fortune Cookies

Order Fortune Cookies online with personalized texts and packaging. These delicious treats are famous around the globe not just for its taste, but even more for the special message inside. Traditionally fortune cookies with words of wisdom were served at Chinese restaurants. Nowadays the unique cookies are being used for much more. Use the cookies for commercial or marketing purposes or promotional gifts.

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About Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies were first introduced in 1906 in a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco in the United States of America. They were given to customers at the end of their meal as a gift. The delicious cookie had a secret hiding in the cookie; a piece of paper with a wisdom inside. These wisdoms were often predictions of the future.

The Fortune Cookies quickly became a popular treat and giveaway for Chinese restaurants across the United States. After that the Cookie was getting used for a bunch of different purposes such as promotional gifts, commercial or marketing purposes. The Cookies are especially fit for these purposes because you can edit the text that is hiding in the cookie! Put your own message inside and give the cookie a personalized feel.

Custom Fortune Cookies

You can edit the Fortune Cookies to your own liking. Besides from putting your own texts within the cookies, we can package the personalized Fortune Cookies in the way you prefer. Fortune cookies in a tin, fortune cookies in a box or in a personalized wrapper. This way custom fortune cookies are created.

Just about anything is possible! Choose your own texts and we freshly bake the cookies with your texts within them. The wrappers come a large variation of colours and you can even print your own logo or design on to the wrapper!

Order Fortune Cookies online

You can easily order Fortune Cookies in Bulk online. We are capable of delivering Fortune Cookies around the world in pretty much any number you’d like. From 300 Fortune Cookies to orders of thousands of Fortune Cookies. Every single cookie is freshly baked and has its own personalized text and wrapper!

Ordering Fortune Cookies in bulk has another big upside. When you place a large order we give a numbers discount. This means, the more you order, the cheaper each cookie becomes! For more information feel free to contact us!