Fortune Cookies in tin

Looking for an original and personal gift to surprise your business partners or customers? Personal Fortune Cookies in a tin with custom print and label are the ideal solution. We deliver our Fortune Cookies in personal tins in from small to large number all over the globe while maintaining a high quality standard.

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Fortune Cookies in a personal Tin

As a business gift or as part of a promotional campaign, Fortune Cookies in a personal tin have many uses. Our Fortune Cookies can be personalized with your own texts and you can also have you logo printed on the wrapper!

We can also package custom fortune cookies in a bunch of different ways. Fortune cookies in a box or a personal wrapper. Everything is possible!

Tin with private Label

Around the body of the tin we will fit a label. The design of the label is up to you. Create it yourself or let our very experienced graphics department help, they can help you every day of the week!

A tin with a label that has a original and attractive print in the colours of your company with your own logo printed on it gives the gift a very premium look.

Printing on the lid

You can also add a print on the lid of the tin. This is a high quality print in full colour. This can be done is one of 4 ways:

  • Option A – A logo printed on the lid.
  • Option B – A medium sized print. You can create your own design and add a logo or small text.
  • Option C – An all-over print on the lid. There is room for an original design, text and / or message.
  • Embossing – A premium embossing. The logo gets embossed in the lid in a three-dimensional way. This gives the tin a very premium look.