Order Stroopwafels online in bulk or small numbers with the option to personalise the packaging. Our Stroopwafels, also known as Stroopwaffles or Dutch Waffles, are packaged in a large variety of ways and each can be personalised with a logo or custom design. This way Stroopwafels can be used as promotional giveaways or as delicious business gifts. We deliver our traditionally baked Stroopwafels all over the world.

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The Stroopwafel

The Stroopwafel is a Dutch waffle that, over the past years, has grown exponentially in its fame across the world. The delicious Stroopwafel has been mentioned in famous television shows such as the Netflix series ‘Lucifer’.

The Stroopwafel finds its origin in the 19th century in Gouda, the Netherlands (also famous for its cheese). The Waffle consists of 2 thin Waffles with a delicious caramel syrup in between. It is delicious when eaten cold, but when warmed up the Stroopwafel becomes even more tasty.

Stroopwafels with personalised packaging

Nowadays Stroopwafels are used in a large variety of ways. The amazing waffle could also be of some value to your company or organisation. Use the Stroopwafels as business gifts or as a promotional giveaway at events such as trade fairs.

The Stroopwafels are a very good giveaway and business gifts for a couple of reasons. The first being that the waffle is very tasty and people will want to receive it. The second is the fact that you can order Stroopwafels with personalised packaging. We sell our Dutch Waffles in a large variety of packaging and each packaging has its own unique options of personalisation. Add your company’s logo to the packaging or let us print an entire custom design onto the wrapper, tin or box.

Dutch Waffles in Bulk & Quick Shipping

Our traditionally baked Stroopwafels can be ordered in large and small numbers and are always delivered fresh. Our waffles, with personalised packaging, are delivered all over the world as fast as possible. To make sure the Waffles keep their amazing taste, structure, smell and overall quality we bake and package our products right before shipping.