The Fortune Cookie Success Story


Fortune Cookies have a long history. They were first introduced in a Chinese restaurant in America around the year 1900. With a simple message hidden within, the recipients were given a beautiful prediction for the future. A fun, wise message that often puts a smile on the faces or offered insights for thought.

Fortune Cookies for different purposes

Pretty soon after their introduction, the popularity of the Cookies increased rapidly and they were used for different purposes. They were increasingly used as business gifts, for commercial or marketing purposes. The popularity of this Cookie is due to the flexibility it offers for personalization. The custom fortune cookies were left only in taste comparable with the authentic standard Cookies from the Chinese restaurants. The message inside could be completely personalized! The simple and standard prediction was exchanged for a smart marketing move. The quote was completely in line with the company, the texts referred to an internet page, gave access to an event or was the winning ticket in a lottery. The spell could be fully styled. Printed in color or with a small logo on the side. The power of such a small piece of paper turned out to be very great! The slips were kept in the wallet, shown to others, and in the years that followed also posted on the social media channels.

But besides the inside that could be personalized, the outside was of course not left behind!
If the standard Cookies had a print with a Chinese dragon or some other standard boring motif, then it should also be possible to print your logo on the foil!
Where we first started with a printing technique that was only possible in 1 color, with only the availability in our standard colors and a print that could only be made on a front position, we worked behind the scenes on a digital printing technique in which every logo color can be approached on the full surface of the packaging. A razor sharp print where even photos can be printed on the foil!

Developments through the years

Despite the many developments that the Cookies have gone through, we will still try to find new posibilities.
For example, we are still working on a production that is as environmentally friendly as possible every day. Recently the foil has also been developed in a biodegradable version, we are still working on a refinement of this upgrade.

Just like the popularity of the custom Fortune Cookies, we are therefore constantly on the move!

Fortune Cookie custom wrapper

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