An old Fortune message with a modern touch

Dick Johnson


Fortune cookies are always meant to make someone else happy. It’s about a positive message, wisdom or simply a wish of good luck for a particular person or a group of people. But as old as the concept of Fortune Cookies is, times are changing. Therefore the texts inside the Fortune Cookies are changing as well. We receive a huge variety of texts from customers all over the world. A lot of those messages really surprise us in a funny way.

One of those creative customers was the Finish barbershop Dick Johnson. Even our head baker, who produces our cookies, commented on the texts of the barbershop. Our head baker is always focused on his baking process, however, even he could not resist to respond to one of the texts he processed for Dick Johnson. We are going to keep the phrase a mystery for you, but we secretly enjoyed it as well. It’s an old Fortune message but filled with sarcasm and dark humour. We believe it’s modern content and sometimes we learn from it and have good laugh about it. Still, the most important thing is that the message makes people happy. And when it does, we fully support the texts inside the cookie and enjoy them with you!

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