Best cookie gifts for your loved ones

Best cookie gifts for your loved ones


In a couple weeks it is Valentine’s day! The day of the year to surprise your significant other with a meaningful gift. This can be done in a large variety of ways and can also be done with cookies. You could have your own cookies designed to be perfect as a valentine’s gift. To give you an idea of what options there are available to you, we are going to give you some examples of cookies you could use!

Fortune Cookies

Is there a better way of sending a message than to hide it inside a delicious little treat? We do no think so! Fortune Cookies are perfect for a large number of occasions, Valentine’s day definitely is one of them.

Fortune Cookies have a little piece of paper hiding on the inside. On the paper a little message is written and here is the reason a Fortune Cookie is perfect for Valentine’s day; the message can be personalized! This way you can send a powerful love message to your other half!

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Personalized cookies

Another way to surprise your loved one is with a personalized cookie. And this can be done in a couple of ways and with an almost infinite number of cookies. There are cookies that can be printed on and cookies that can be packaged in a wrapper, box or tin. The packaging can almost always be edited to your liking!

Some examples:

Gingerbread cookies with a print

There are a number of cookies that can be edited in a unique way. Gingerbread cookies are part of that not very long list. These cookies are special for a number of reasons, but one of them is very unique and special. And that reason is the following; gingerbread cookies can have a personalized print, logo or text on the cookie themselves!

And on Valentine’s day you can surprise a special someone with a message on the cookie, just for them! Let them know how you feel in a special and delicious way!

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Stroopwaffle in a personalized tin/wrapper

Want to treat someone with a traditional Dutch personalized cookie? The Stroopwaffle is perfect for that, the cookie has an amazing taste and the wrapper or tin can be made to match the message you’d like to send! It is a very special way of letting somebody know how much they mean to you.

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Cookie in personalized wrapper

Every cookie is send with some sort of packaging, wrappers are a very common packaging. But wrappers can also be made to be very special. Create your own design, for instance a photo of you together with your loved one with a small text or quote, and have it put onto a the wrapper of the receivers favorite cookie! A very special Valentine’s day gift!

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Cake with print

Is a personalized cookie too small for your liking? Lucky for you there are bigger ways of sending your love. You can have cakes, normal size and even XL sized cakes, be personalized completely  to your liking. The top of the cake will be edited with an edible print which you can design yourself, or have designed for you. A tasty way of sending your love!

Pie in personalized box

Is your significant other a pie lover? Then send them their favorite pie in a personalized box. This box will get your very own design and this box is made so that it can be sent with the mail. This way you can treat somebody with a delicious and meaningful pie who might be miles away!

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