Best cookie wedding favour ideas

Best cookie wedding favour ideas


To thank someones attendance at a party, and weddings in particular, guests are given (wedding) favours. A wedding favour is a small gift, sometimes a memento of the occasion, given to guests to let them know their attendance is appreciated. At weddings a wedding favour cannot be forgotten, for it is a tradition. These gestures of appreciation are given to guests by the bride and groom. Wedding favours can be eatable. It is very special to give away an amazing looking cookie that reminds the guest of the wedding of the bride and groom. However, picking the right cookie to use as a wedding favour can be tricky. We would like to help you with it, that is why we made a list of the best cookie wedding favour ideas.

Gingerbread cookies with their own print

When giving away a wedding favour you want the cookie to be more than a cookie. Our gingerbread cookies can do just that! You can order large numbers of gingerbread cookies and they can all be personalized. We can put an image on the cookie itself, a razor sharp and full color eatable print. This is a great way to thank guests for coming to your amazing wedding. The cookie has a great taste and will look absolutely beautiful.

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Fortune cookie wedding favours

A great way to let guests know their attendance was appreciated is by giving them a fortune cookie as a wedding favour. A fortune cookie has a couple of ways to show appreciation. The wrapper can be personalized to match the style of the wedding or show something that reminds people of the bride and groom. But also the message inside can be edited, you can put your own message inside the fortune cookie. This is a very special way to thank guests for coming and it will not be forgotten.

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