Dutch cookies, a complete list

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The Netherlands are known for their windmills, rich history, cheese, Amsterdam and for their amazing cookies. Dutch cookies are taking the world by storm! They are becoming more and more famous and loved around the world. The demand for cookies from Holland is growing worldwide and because of that it is time to tell you a bit more about the delicious Dutch cookies. We give you a complete list of amazing Dutch cookies.


Also known as Syrup Waffles. A Syrup Waffle is a waffle made from two very thin layers of baked dough with a caramel syrup filling in between. This makes for a delicious taste and they are absolutely amazing when the cookie is warmed up before eating it. The cookie becomes a bit soft after warming up and the caramel becomes less stiff and this makes for an amazing taste! The cookie is one of the most popular cookies in the Netherlands, you can buy them at almost every store. In recent years the international sales have also skyrocketed!

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Everyone in Holland knows them, Jodenkoeken. The literal translation into English is ‘Jewcookies’, which sounds a bit odd. The name finds it’s origin in Amsterdam, where a baker who was a jew came up with a new and delicious cookie recipe. But enough about the origin of the name, the taste of the cookie is much, much more interesting and above all delicious.  The ‘Jodenkoek’ is 3,5 inches across, which is quite big for a Dutch cookie. The ‘Jodenkoek’ is a wonderful sandy and buttery cookie. Their taste is mesmerizing and we feel that everyone who tastes them will be hooked immediately!

Roze koek | Pink cake

A typical Dutch pastry, the ‘Roze koek’. It’s name in English is a literal translation: ‘Pink cake’. The cookie’s place of origin is the Netherlands and it is a small cake with a pink fondant icing on the top. It is sold in every supermarket in the Netherlands in different variations, in different colors or with M&M’s on top.

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