Father and daughter ready to spread luck worldwide

Father and daughter ready to spread luck worldwide


World of Cookies is growing fast! And that has not been going unnoticed. A Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf, joined the rapidly growing family company.

At the financial pages of the biggest paper of the Netherlands ‘’De Telegraaf’’, an interview was placed with the founder of Fortune Factory and his daughter Jessica.

Erik-Jan Gulden: “In the nineties I stumbled across the fortune cookie for the very first time. I Received it at a Chinese restaurant. Quickly I recognized the potential that the cookie, which contains a piece of paper with a fortune, had within the Dutch promotional market.” The first year nothing was sold, it took a while before the cookie was noticed and recognized. But when the first one was sold, many more followed quickly!

In the coming years the fortune cookie was being sold by Fortune Factory to more and more international customers. The selling of cookies to international customers went so well that Erik-Jan decided that the marketing and distribution should be housed in a different company. With daughter Jessica being responsible for the international market, World of Cookies has the mission to concur  the world.

Jessica Gulden: “We primarily focus on the European market. But over 30% turns out to be coming from outside Europe. For example, we have got major customers in Asia and the United Arab Emirates.” The markets in the Scandinavian countries also proved to have huge potential. At the end of April World of Cookies takes part at the Hong Kong Gift and Premium Fair in which the Fortune Cookie and the Dutch Stroopwafel will primarily be promoted.

What began – in 1997 – as a wild idea, has become 2 successful and healthy companies. ‘’Happiness really comes from a small cookie!’’ – thus Erik-Jan Gulden.

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