4 great ideas for wedding fortune cookies


Weddings, one of, if not the most memorable day in someone’s life. It’s every bride’s dream to have a perfect wedding (which she’s been planning since she was about 5). Wedding fortune cookies would be amazing at any wedding, with any style. And we would like to help you make your wedding as perfect as possible. So we have created a list with the best ideas for a wedding with fortune cookies included.

Why use fortune cookies at your wedding?

First and foremost you should know why you would want to use fortune cookies at your wedding. We have put together a couple of reasone why you should consider including the cookies in your wedding.

  1.  Cookies are delicious – A lot of times a wedding favor just ends up in a closet to never be looket at again. To prevent that, give them a really good tasting cookie they will enjoy.
  2.  Cookies are adaptable – A cookie can be decorated in many ways. Moreover, you could go in in a huge amount of directions with fortune cookies. Use that feature to be original!
  3.  Who doesn’t love cookies? – Do you know anyone that does not like a good cookie? Exactly. Use that to give every guest something they will enjoy.
  4.  Practicality – You could spend a lot of money on something that people are not going to enjoy, or give them a fun and delicious cookie. They look good, taste amazing, aren’t expensive and guests will appreciate them.

1. Fortune Cookie Wedding Favors add a unique touch of fun to a bride and groom’s special event

Fortune cookie wedding favors will add a unique touch of fun to your wedding. Wedding favors are a small gift which is given by the married couple to their guests. They serve as a simple gesture of appreciation and gratitude. Nowadays, as the trend of edible wedding favors continues, using fortune cookies as wedding favors is a great idea. Because you could have personalized cookies and messages to make them extra special and memorable.

2. What kind of message should you put on the wedding fortune cookie?

What kind of message should you put on your Fortune Cookies wedding favors? Personalize your fortune cookies, because that way they are the most memorable and unique. To help you put together the best selection of sayings to put inside the cookie we have made a list you might want to use or help inspire you:

  • with this ring, I thee wed
  • A heart that loves is always young
  • A husband is living proof that a wife can take a joke
  • …and they lived happily ever after…
  • Love doesn’t make the world go round; Love is what makes the ride worthwhile
  • Yesterday. Today. And every day from this day forth.
  • Marriage means commitment. Of course, so does insanity.

3. Create a memorable wrapper

Besides from choosing the sayings on the cookie, the wrapper should be as beautiful as possible. Because you want every guest to not only be eager to open the cookie, but also eager to open the wrapper and see whats inside. The wrapper alone should get everyone enthused.

4. As presents for the bride and groom afterwards

You could also go into an entirely different direction with the idea of wedding fortune cookies. You could have your guests write some kind words beforehand. Then put them in a bunch of fortune cookies, because this way you can give a wedding present with all of the guests at once. The coming months after the wedding the bride and groom could, every day, open up a fortune cookie with a really sweet message inside!

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