Guus Meeuwis – CD cover with personalized text

Guus Meeuwis case


Guus Meeuwis is possibly one of the most well-known Dutch artist. “Morgen” is as well the title of his 10th studio-album which was introduced in 2015, as the title of one of his songs. The cover of this album shows a Fortune Cookie, where we can read the personalized text “morgen”. A year later Guus has a theater tour, and again the Fortune Cookie has a central role in it! During the show he broke Fortune Cookies open, which all showed titles of his songs which he started to sing right away.
This is like the surprise effect of the Cookies; you never know what’s in it! This gave the show a great go-with-the-flow vibe and was criticized as very interactive.

It was a great pleasure to produce this cookies for Guus Meeuwis!

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