Happiness is coming to Hong Kong

Happiness is coming to Hong Kong


Fortune Cookies, everyone knows them, some have tasted them. Whether seen in a movie or eaten at a Chinese restaurant, we all know the Cookie contains a fortune on the inside. A phrase or statement by a philosopher, or a well-known saying about happiness or health.
But in addition to such standards texts, there has to be a possibility to enter these texts according to your own wishes as well!

And that’s where it all started, back in 1999. Erik-Jan, founder and CEO of Fortune Factory/World of Cookies, used all his savings to buy a Cookie oven. He firmly believed in the magic of a Fortune Cookie. Despite his beautiful dreams of a Cookie empire, no crumb was sold in the very first year. But he continued to believe in it and put all his time and effort into making the cookie well-known in his country. And with success, it needed a little time but suddenly the fame of the cookie took an enormous leap.

In 2017 Erik-Jan decided that his small country, the Netherlands, had become too small for his dreams. We often get inquiries from Europe, so it was time to move forward. He started World of Cookies BV. A company that creates a European connection between the countries within, by offering a typical and customized product for each country. “Why have a certain coffee and tea culture in each country, and forget the importance of the cookie that comes with it?”
Italian Cantucinnis, French macarons, American chocolate chip cookies… you name it, we supply it! All branded in your design. We supply almost all the 27 EU countries and up to 30% goes to other continents. So time to (re-)introduce the Fortune Cookies, for marketing purposes, in Asia. We bring this Cookie back to its roots.

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