Healthy summerproof Granola bars



With the start of the summer, and maybe even shortly before this part of the year, we all start making healthier choices. We suddenly go to work by bike, something that we have planned for years, but for which we have excuses in abundance. But hey, sun is out so go bicycling and earn some barbecue credits for the weekend! Maybe even some of us are really motivated and want to get rid of the cosy winter fatties. During summer we become more active than we are in winter-mode.

It’s almost as if our summer assortment automatically respond to this;
we do not recommend to order Cookies with chocolate chunks, or covered in chocolate. Not because these will bring you those tiny calorie monsters, but because we don’t serve spoons with our Cookies. Less risky but not less advisable are our Dutch syrup waffles, as they have the tasteful caramel syrup between. Normally we advise people to place these waffles on top of their hot beverage, as the syrup start to melt a bit. Eating this warm waffle with the smooth syrup is like heaven on earth! Or how we dutchies would say: “like an angel pissing on your tongue.”
But, when the syrup melted and the temperatures is fluctuating shortly after, the caramel will become tougher that it was. While this will not affect the taste, the waffle won’t have the bite it supposed to have. So not the most ideal Cookie at high temperatures outside.

To provide you summer-proof snacks, we have supplemented our assortment with healthy snack bars. Not the regular muesli bars, as you probably know these for sure. Well, we made you a much healthier, much more tasty and trendy variant! How about granola? You probably heard a lot about this superfood. Now you’re even able to use these granola bars as a give away to business relations, to visitors at your event, to employees in the company canteen… Everybody would love them! Packed in a fully customized wrapper these bars will be a great success for sure.

We have put together 5 delicious flavors, which will be your favorite?

  • Date, walnut and pumpkin seeds
  • Peanut, almond and walnut
  • Coconut, apricot and yoghurt
  • Cocoa and ginger (no-melt guarantee)
  • Cashew, blueberry and yoghurt

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