How corporate cookies will help your business

How corporate cookies will help your business


Does your business need a boost? A cookie can be the solution! Corporate cookies can help lift your business to next level. We’ll tell you why.

A promotional cookie

A cookie is a great way to forge a bond between companies, clients or customers. Cookies are perfect for every occasion, you could give them away at a fair, event or just as a gift. The possibilities are endless because you can customize the cookie or the wrapper at all times!

The power of a cookie

A cookie is a very powerful promotional product and well enlighten you about this. Just imagine the following; your at an event and a stand is giving away free cookies. You will, almost guaranteed get one for yourself, and so will every other visitor. That is the power of a cookie, they are delicious and nobody can ignore them. Everyone will have taken one at the end of the day and, if your cookie in some way represented your company, everyone will have seen the logo of your company. The first step to forging a precious bond has then been made!

Corporate cookies to your own design

As mentioned above, cookies can be personalized to match the style of your own company. You can do this in a number of ways.

  • Personalize the wrapper
    The packaging, in this case a wrapper, can be designed to match the style of your company. You can do this with a logo or even an all-over full color print.
  • Personalize the box
    Some cookies do not come inside a wrapper but in a box. The packaging we offer at can always be personalized. With a logo, message of own design.
  • Edit the tin
    A tin can also be used to pack the cookies of your choice. You can add a label, this will go round the body of the tin and also a print on the lid.
  • Personalize the cookie itself
    In some cases the cookie itself can be edited as well, this looks absolutely amazing. Everyone will see your logo on the cookie!

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