How to store cookies for maximum freshness

How to store cookies for maximum freshness


If you are part of the group that does not eat all of the cookies at once, which contains most people, you need a way to store your cookies to keep them fresh. You want the cookies to be edible and delicious for as long as possible. You cant just put the cookies in a random container. Certain things need te be checked beforehand to maintain the freshness of your cookies. We will tell you all you need to know to store your goods.

Store cookies …

  • dryMake sure to store your cookies in a dry surrounding. Otherwise your cookies will turn soggy. No one likes a soggy cookie so make sure your cookies are completely cooled off when putting them in a container.
  • airtightTo stop the cookies from becoming soft and crumbly, store them in an airtight container. Also choose a container in which the cookies don’t have a lot of dead space surrounding them. If there is a lot of dead space between surrounding the cookies the airflow inside the container will make the cookies soft and crumbly. So choose a container in which the cookies fit without leaving a lot of dead space.
  • with different containers for different cookiesIf you have got multiple kinds of cookies, do not store them all in the same container. Cookies are different, if you store crispy and soft cookies together the crispy cookie will become soft and soggy.
  • with sheets of parchment between layersTo stop sticky cookies from sticking to each other, place sheets of parchment paper between the layers. If the cookies are not touching each other they will never stick one another!
  • in a container meant to store foodBefore storing the cookies, check if the container in which you want to store the cookies is a container that is meant to store cookies. If the container is not meant for that you should not put your cookies in them for they could then be contaminated. You definitely do not want to get sick from eating cookies!
  • with a piece of white breadYou definitely do not want the cookies to become soggy. To make sure they won’t you should place a piece of white bread in the container. The bread will absorb any moisture that exists within the container, keeping the moisture away from the cookies.
  • at room temperature To make sure cookies keep the best taste and texture, store them at room temperature. That temperature is not too cold and not too warm. Also, a constant temperature helps keeping the cookies as good as possible.

Choose the right container

Now that you know the right way to store your cookie the time has come to choose the container in which you want to store the cookies. A tin might be your best option. There are tons of tins that are airtight and extremely fit to store cookies. As a company you could use this to you advantage. Personalize a tin with the logo of your company or design the whole tin yourself to create an amazing promotional product.

The power of personalized tin is that it can be refilled and will not be thrown away quickly. A tin with your logo on it will return time after time in kitchens, lunch areas etc. This way your brand will get longterm exposure!

Create your own personalized cookie tin

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