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When I opened google to see what kind of restaurant had asked us for more information about our Fortune Cookies I was blown away. What a breathtaking place to eat! Kagami is a Japanese restaurant so they serve sushi and you can even book a winetasting.

Kagami was interested in Fortune Cookies for their customers. In addition to the regular Fortune Cookies, we also made handmade Fortune Cookies. These handmade Cookies contained prizes.
Fortunes saying; ‘It’s your lucky day, take 25% off your total bill tonight!’ Or ‘Congratulations! You have won 50% off one Kagami take away order!’

Our Fortune Cookies are the perfect addition to your restaurant, bar or café. They can be used as a promotional item, customers love the mystery around these Cookies. The hidden message, the fun finding out what cookie says what, your customers won’t forget it. They might even keep the paper strip in there wallet or purse.
Now that’s good advertising.

For more information about our Fortune Cookies please contact us at info@worldofcookies.eu
For more information about Kagami Restaurant you can visit https://kagamirestaurant.com/

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