Liantis Fortune Cookies

Liantis Fortune Cookies


For Liantis we produced a special New Year’s Gift.
The Fortune Cookies were used as part of their campaign.
All of the employees received a special New Year’s card via post in between Christmas and New Year.
Within the card their managing director had written all the best wishes for the upcoming year and he teased a little with a Fortune Cookie.

The receivers were lured to a site ( where they got to see some business videos. In the video they refer to the Fortune Cookies.

When the holidays had come to an end and everyone returned to the office, they received a personalized box with 25 specially made Fortune Cookies! The Box was fully customized in a Liantis theme.
The cookies had 10 paper strips inside with printing on both sides. On one side of the strip a Dutch sentence was written and on the other side the same sentence in French.
We thank Liantis for allowing us to produce this great order for them!

Would you like to surprise your employees with such a fun campaign?
We are happy to think along with you!

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