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Never a dull moment
Within the business-gifts industry you constantly need to improve yourself.
Fortunately, the market is very big, but so is the competition. A famous saying in Dutch is like: “who is lazy is caught up”. So never a dull moment in World of Cookie’s head office, cause competition is chasing you.  That’s why we always keep ourselves busy.
And again a famous saying ; we can litteraly and figuratively always “put our hands in the dough” for you. Okay, let’s stop with those annoying Dutch sayings. You do not read this article because of your interest for Dutch grammar…

So during the summer time period, when it’s quieter overall, we use our time the best we can and try to find and develop new products. Precisely because we have specialized ourselves in cake-related items, it is a big challenge to always come up with an innovative item within this small product range.

Innovative printed Cookies

We did our very best and I believe we found a nice new option for personalised Cookies. You may all know we can print the wrapper on very low quantity (already 300 pieces in full colour). See some nice results here

But how about a logo print on your Cookie? We can now print in colour with the use of edible inks or choose for a brown cacao print. You don’t like a print on your Cookie, but do want to have the logo visible? No problem, let’s emboss your logo in the Cookie! And if that isn’t enough for now, we also offer the option to have the Cookies in any shape you want… Flow wrapped  per piece, or per 3 Cookies in case you’re very hungry. Different flavours available; Short Bread, Buttercookie, Butter-caramel. Other flavours on demand.


Information and inquiries
So you want to have these Cookies as a small gift for your relations, to serve with the coffee or as a trade give-away?
Contact us, we would be happy to assist!
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