Top 10 delicious cookies from around the world


You probably know the cookies from your own country very well. But the world is much, much bigger than just your own country. There are many more absolutely delicious cookies you have got to taste. We want to help you on the search to the best cookie of them all and give you a top XXX of most delicious cookies from around the world.

1. Spice cookies from Germany, the ‘Pfeffernüse’

These cookies smell absolutely amazing and, when bitten into, provide a delightful rush of warm spices.

2. Pine nut cookies from Italy, ‘Pignoli’

Who doesn’t like cookies and pine nuts? This is the ultimate combination of cookies with pine nuts. The chewy almond meringue cookies, speckled with pine nuts, are your favorite holiday cookie.

3. Chocolate cornflake cookies from New Zealand, ‘Afghan Biscuits’

Chocolate covered cookies with an extra crunch because of the treat on top. These cookies, that originally came from New Zealand, are well known and delicious cookies.

4. Dulce de Leche Cookie sandwiches from Argentina, ‘Alfajores’

Delicious cookies with salted caramel in the middle, it does not get any better than that. An absolutely amazing treat these cookies are.

5. Chocolate-glazed almond spice cookies from Germany, ‘Lebkuchen’

The ultimate Christmas cookie, the German Lebkuchen. The Germans really know how to make cookies and this cookie is the proof of that. An amazing cookie that is eaten mostly at Christmas. But do not feel bad if you eat them at another time at year, we get it, they are just so amazing.

6. Molded Ginger cookies from the Netherlands, ‘Speculaas’

Speculaas, a well known Dutch treat, is eaten the whole year. You will find it in any Dutch kitchen and soon in every kitchen around the world. This cookie, with its mouthwatering taste, is going to concur the world.

7. Honey-dipped ginger cookies from South-korea, ‘Yak kwa’

They taste at least as good as they look. That means that these cookies, that are a traditional Korean sweet, will blow you away! The cookies are deep fried and drenched in a honey-syrup.

8. Coconut-oat cookies from Australia, ‘Anzac biscuits’

Cookies form the outback, who does not want to experience that feeling?!

9. Honey-dipped walnut spice cookies from Greece, ‘melomakarona’

Taste the Mediterranean! You will in these walnut spice cookies from Greece dipped in honey.

10. Linzer cookies

Linzer cookies look amazing and taste the same! You have to taste these cookies at least once in your life, says the blogger who created them.

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