Truth or Dare Fortune Cookies

Truth or dare


Do you remember that game you used to play when you were younger? Your friend would ask you if you wanted a ‘truth’ or a ‘dare’? If you would say truth, you needed to answer the questions that is asked but if you would say dare than you had to do the dare that was given….

Truth or Dare combines the fun element of fortune cookies with the hilarious game elements of the classic ‘Truth or Dare?’. Exclusively designed by World of Cookies.

Would you accept the dare? Or would you go for the truth, and nothing but the truth? Don’t expect the cookies to go easy on you…
Take a tin to a party with friends, use it as an icebreaker during that awkward dinner with your in-laws or play the adult edition with your partner.
It all comes down to one thing, will you answer the ( sometimes embarrassing ) questions or will you do the ( often also embarrassing ) Dare?
Truth or Dare will be available starting from August ’18 in a Family-, Party- and a 18+ edition.

Every cookie contains a truth and a dare and the texts or packaging can even be customized starting at a minimum order quantity of 50 tins. The tins have been specially designed for the promotional products industry. Available in 3 sizes and are filled with 15, 30 or 50 fortune cookies. Ideal for gift shops or sell at online platforms.

Did you know?

  • Truth or Dare is known in various countries. In Germany they call it ‘Wahrheit order Pflicht’, in Greece they say ‘Βασιλινδα’ and in the Netherlands the game is known by ‘Doen, Durven of de Waarheid’.
  • The game has existed for centuries, with at least one variant, “questions and commands”, being attested as early as 1712.

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