What are Dutch waffles and why are they so delicious

How to make Dutch cookies at home - STROOPWAFFLES


A true Dutch treat, Dutch waffles, also known as stroopwaffles or syrup waffles. They find their origin in a Dutch city named Gouda, also famous for its delicious cheese. They are well known in the Benelux and eaten a lot, also in the rest of the world the interest in the cookie is booming. To keep you up to date we will tell you what Dutch Waffles are and why they are so loved worldwide.

What are Dutch waffles?

A Dutch waffle is a waffle made from two very thin layers of baked dough with a caramel syrup filling in between. They are incredibly popular in the Netherlands, and nowadays are eaten a lot worldwide. Originally the waffle had a diameter of 10 centimetres but the sized nowadays vary between 5 in diameter to 25 centimetres. It is made from the following ingredients:

  • Flour
  • Butter
  • Brown sugar
  • Yeast
  • Milk
  • Eggs

Balls of dough are put into a heated waffle iron and pressed into the required thin and round shape. When it is still warm the cookie is split into to halves. The filling of caramel is then spread between the halves, which glues them together.

What makes them so popular?

You might be wondering, with all of the cookies around, why are the Dutch waffles so popular? That is because it is a true Dutch treat with a rich history and a century’s old recipe. But most importantly, the taste of the Dutch waffle is really amazing and is the power of the cookie! They are most delicious wen first warmed up which melts the caramel and softens the cookie. That is the single greatest reason for the cookie to be so popular. With more and more people realising this incredible taste, the popularity of the waffle is growing exponentially!

More than just a cookie

The Dutch waffle has, in recent years, become more than just a cookie. The McDonald’s even introduced the Dutch Waffle McFlurry (!) in the Netherlands. But it did not stop there, the McFlurry was so popular in the Netherlands that McDonalds has decided to start selling the McFlurry stroopwaffle in the United States of America. But the Dutch waffle is featured in many more products, such as ice-cream and pies.

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