Why fortune cookies make a great gift for guests


If you are wondering about what gift has the most potential and diversity you have come to the right place. Because we have got the answer for you: fortune cookies! There isn’t a direction a fortune cookie cannot go. That is why the fortune cookie is such a great gift for guests. At every occasion or event the fortune cookie can have its purpose! Furthermore, We want to give you a couple more reasons why fortune cookies make a great gift.

1. Creative support for your brand

Fortune cookies provide a creative way of supporting your brand. With an infinite amount of ways to style your cookies and wrappers they are the most creative and diverse gifts around. You will never be dull, never be unoriginal and always be inspiring with this amazing gift.

2. The cookie with an infinite amount of opportunities

It does not matter what message you would like give to your guests. With a fortune cookie there is not a single message that cannot be given. From inspiring texts to predictions or anything that you want tell your valued guests.

3. Perfect for events and much more

Are you organising an event, open day or trade fair? The fortune cookie can help you reach every guest. When at such an event, who wouldn’t like a free cookie that is also exciting. Everyone wants to find out what kind of message hides inside and that is exactly the power of a fortune cookie. That’s why the cookie is especially perfect for those occasions.

4. Seize the opportunity to enlighten guests

Socrates once enlightened his followers with new insights, but with a fortune cookie you could now do the same! With your personalized message waiting to be discovered you can truly inspire your guests. Blow them away so that the cookie is memorable and your company or organization won’t be forgotten.

5. Low cost, huge impact

Have you ever seen a gift that has an enormous impact with a low price? Well, now you have! A fortune cookie, as explained above, has massive potential. But it has another big pro as well, it is cheap. Ordered in bulk the cookie costs next to nothing.

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