You Are The Princess Fortune Cookies

You are the princess fortune cookies


When you are approached by a company called ‘You Are the Princess’ you think Pink. Girly. Fancy…
And that’s exactly what they are! Have a look on their website and you will immediately feel like a princess. They asked us to develop a box with Fortune Cookies within. And so we did.

Developing great products

That’s what World of Cookies likes the most. Developing beautifull products commissioned by or in coöperation with our clients.

Noodle Box becomes Princess box

We found a nice effect in a personalized noodle box, as that fits perfectly with the oriental Fortune Cookies. Most of the people think these Cookies originate in China but actually the Cookies are from America. Nevertheless these cookies combine very well in the noodle box. That aside, back to the campaign. A nice personalized box, in a pink oriental design. Filled with 10 Fortune Cookies packed in customized wrapper. Of course, pink as well. With the funny custom Spanish quotes inside, the receiver of this gift will conjure up a big smile for sure! And that makes us all happy. That’s the Fortune Cookie magic…

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