Looking for fortune cookies with personalized messages?

Fortune cookie in personalized wrapper


So you have been thinking and thinking and finally figured what you want to do for your customers, wedding guests, business relations or employees. You came to the right address. World of Cookies is the supplier for your (fortune) cookies.

Ways to use fortune cookies to add impact

Now I  can almost hear you thinking; ‘why fortune cookies?’ Well, why not? They can be used for commercial or marketing purposes and even in a lottery. Your personalized messages will definitely add a wow factor. It’s such a fun way of getting people’s attention. A lot of people save their ‘fortune’ in their wallet or purse so it’s a great way for advertising as well.

Either way, they will see the fun text slip over and over and will have a hard time forgetting you.

Endless possibilities

Customized text

The minimum purchase for an order is 300 fortune cookies.
Standard, you get to provide us with 5 (customized) phrases with a maximum of 125 characters.
If you are not feeling very creative we can supply the cookies with standard fortunes, but most of our customers come up with the best personalized messages.

Customized wrappers

Next to customized phrases it’s also possible to brand the fortune cookies with a unique wrapper, tin,  a cardboard box, the list goes on and on. And if you have any cool or original ideas, please let us know and maybe we can work something out. We are always open for new ideas.

So if you are still not convinced here are 5 quick reasons to choose fortune cookies;

  1. Cheap. Ever seen anything that has the same impact at less cost?
  2. Direct communication. Everyone is eager to see the hidden message.
  3. Fun / Generous / Sociable . Everybody deserves some luck, smiles guaranteed with fortune cookies!
  4. Actionable / Action-oriented. Invite someone, grant a discount or raffle a prize.
  5. For website promotion, marketing purposes, promotional gift or even a giveaway for an event.

For more information and questions please send us an email at info@worldofcookies.eu

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