Customized Cookies

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Personalised Cookies for all causes

Cookies with a personal touch have many uses. For example, you can use them as part of a promotional campaign or as a small giveaway at trade fairs. These small cookies are more valuable then you might think, the delicious treats with your logo on the wrapper or cookie help improve the reputation of your brand tremendously. They are key to creating a positive connection within the mind of the recipient with your brand name.

Wide range & endless possibilities

Over the years we have put together a very wide range of different cookies and all of them can personalized in their own unique way. Order coffee cookies, chocolate cookies, waffles, gingerbread cookies and many more…

The custom cookies are packed in a number of ways and the packaging can always be edited to your liking. From adding a logo or design to the wrapper of a cookie to fully personalising the entire box or tin the cookie is packed in. The possibilities are (almost) endless.

Ask for Advice

Not sure what kind of cookie is best fitted to support your campaign? Do not be afraid to ask for some help! Our sales employees are especially well trained in helping customers and making their dreams come true and realising their wishes. With years of experience and many cases from the past they are always able to help you!

Chosen the right cookie but not sure how to customize the cookie? If you run into this issue we have also come up with a solution. We have a graphics department that is specialised in creating tailor-made designs for your cookies and gifts!